Trend and innovation report “Mountain Trends – Winter – 2015 Edition”

Mountain destinations face a continuous challenge to set themselves apart from the competition. Worldwide, there are more than 5,000 winter and ski areas/resorts trying to attract skiers and winter guests. In addition to the two most relevant criteria (snow and length of slopes), more and more ski areas and resorts focus on developing innovations and new ideas to differentiate themselves.

The new trend and innovation report “Mountain Trends – Winter – 2015 Edition” captures this search for innovations and new ideas:

  • 100,000 innovations and new ideas out there – With more than 5,000 resorts, the number of good new ideas likely exceeds the 100,000 mark. We aim to look at all new ideas and present the best of them to you, our readers.
  • From mega trends to “simly good ideas” – The report not only captures mega trends relevant for ski areas/resorts (e.g., sharing economy) and new ideas based on the well-known ski/travel trends (e.g., freeriding, local touch) but also presents ideas that are “simply good”.
  • Easy to implement by the next winter season – This report is NOT a “philosophical paper”; instead, it is a practical guide to innovations and new ideas we have seen successfully put into practice in resorts. We offer well-structured and clear explanations, and our focus is on giving ski areas/resorts the information needed to quickly implement nearly all ideas presented in time for the next winter season.
  • We quantify the relevance of each innovation – In all the talk about trends and innovation, what is most important is how relevant and “hot” the trend/innovation really is. This report provides such a quantified assessments of each trend/innovation based on the opinion of readers, our expert panel, and trendscouts.

The current edition of the report is “Mountain Trends – Winter – 2015 Edition” – click here if you have any questions, enquiries, … regarding the report.

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